Wishing Everyone a Loving New Year!

Although many individuals today are celebrating the book of love or even "singles awareness", as some may call it, I'm celebrating one of my favorite holidays.  The Lunar New Year!  It's that time of year when the dishes are sure to be put away, I'm not wearing black, I try extra hard to be a good person and any bad feelings are put away in hopes for a fresh start. 

Last night we headed to various festivals at the temple, burned incense and today is the day where we'll do the same!  Food today will include a various array of vegetarian dishes from the temple and many sights of bright colors. 

Though my parents separated when I was younger and I was raised separately between the two with slightly different traditions, many of them fused together and I have practiced in both.  I was quite fortunate to have a brilliantly strong mother, a dad, two step parents and extended families that have adopted me in and showed me nothing but love. 

I was raised catholic by my mom, but have always practiced in what would be deemed as Buddhist traditions such as, burning incense, creating a fruit alter and etc.  While my dad maybe praying to Buddha and related deities, my mom prays to God and will burn incense.  The common thread is that everyone is praying in hopes for a promising New Year.

Wishing everyone all the love today and all the happiness, fortune and luck into the New Year.

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