Work Trip and a Sheraton L.A review

As a frequent traveler for both work and personal purposes, I've become well acquainted with hotel living, to the point where I've developed an array of preferences for little things that most wouldn't care for or notice.  For example the ease of how curtains open and close, the sophistication and brand of the coffee machine, how many hangers are available, if the room has slippers, the brand of the soap/shampoo (Hotel Max in Seattle uses Aveda :)), efficiency of the iron and most of all the "Je Ne Sais Quoi" welcoming feeling you get when you walk in.  These amenities aren't necessarily gravitated towards high end hotels, but I've stayed at many affordable places that offered intricately personal service and quality conveniences. 

The unnecessary details that are always appreciated include a pool, sauna spa and gym.  An absolute must in order for me to sleep is a comfortable comforter, down or down-like is always appreciated. 

I"m currently up in Los Angeles for the California Landscaper's conference and industry show.  On their website, they suggested either staying at the Wilshire Grand or the Holiday Inn, both their rooms looked dry and uninviting.  So I remembered hearing positive reviews on the Sheraton (which came out to be less costly than the other hotels, thanks to a wonderful phone call and an accommodating customer rep) and I must say that I love this place. 

The people are friendly, the hotel colors, decor and ambient lighting have this welcoming feeling that makes you want to have a drink and go to sleep. 

Mostly what I love is the room!  It's simple and not extravagant, but it's spacious, clean and has a nice feeling. My favorite aspect is that the end tables are round glass ones, that have the electrical plugs exposed so that you can easily charge your phone and laptop while laying in bed, without having to move a wood cabinet end table or unplug a lamp or the clock.  
For those that don't frequent L.A that often or are just in need of bedtime/bathroom reading material, each room has a cute coffee table book and magazine which features the best of L.A.  I remember a time when I actually spent most of my time up here, so to satisfy my nostalgia, I'm going to visit some places I haven't seen in a while. 

Lastly, I never care too much for hotel room coffee because most of the time they taste terrible and are too noisy to be bothered with in the morning, but this morning I desperately needed it, and their Starbucks single serving coffee was good enough to noms.  Don't worry I learned my lesson, so I drank it black. 

So there you have it, I've been busy with work all day so haven't had the chance to blog, but there will be pictures and more thoughts to come.  I'm definitely anxiously awaiting UFC/Superbowl weekend, a sports lovers dream.

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