Because We're All a Little Indulgent


There is a common misconception among my friends, that since I've become more active and more aware of the foods I eat, that I'm sort of diet crazed health nut.  Just because I make my own pesto, crepes, waffle mix, sauces and prefer to know about what ingredients go into my food, it doesn't mean I don't eat like "normal" people do.  I think my persona has become branded with bubble tea, but my other loves include popcorn and funnel cake.  So today, while no one is here, which means I have no one to share with, I enjoy a nice plate of funnel cake. 

I'm still looking for the recipe for the baked funnel cake that I had from the Chinese New Years festival in L.A, but this one is still quite good. 

People usually enjoy whipped cream, powdered sugar, strawberries, chocolate and ice cream to accommodate their fried dough, but I like mine plain and simple.  Just a dash of powdered sugar and I'm good.  If only I had a cup of bubble tea right now and this snack would be perfect.

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