Charger's Cromartie Traded and Jetting off to New York

On that unforgettable day when my beloved team lost to the Jets in the playoffs, I remember looking up at C. and saying "the face of this team is never going to be the same." I felt it, we all knew it, that there were players that were going to come and go.  Unlike my secondary favorite team, the Dolphins (who have gone through many quarterbacks over the past few seasons), the Chargers have maintained a good distinct set of branded individuals that have become synonymous with the name "Charger."  You begin to get used to seeing the same faces and it's packed with anxiety when it comes time for a change but football is a business, and it's about what works out best to get the team to the bowl.  Who comes and goes is one part of the sport that the fans have no say or part in.

LT released and now Charger's Corner Antonio Cromartie has been traded to the Jets.  I'm wondering what everyone else is wondering, how's his conservative playing style going to work with Darelle Revis' physical "no holds barred" flare.

Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson says to espn "
"...Cromartie plays the run very softly. He also has been exposed over and over against double moves because he is too aggressive in coverage and is always going for the big play. But that also was a function of the Chargers' lack of a pass rush, which I don't see being a problem in New York.

"The pros are huge though and he has as much upside as any player at his position in the league. And it is a tremendous situation for him, as Revis will still do battle with No. 1 wide receivers, and Cromartie will be able to get safety support over the top, which may allow for him to be his aggressive self. Plus, Cromartie is able to really excel in man-to-man coverage, which fits Ryan's scheme very well.

"The tackling or 'want-to' issue needs corrected, but Ryan might be just the guy for such a thing. That environment might bring out Cromartie's potential greatness. He is incredibly gifted, and I absolutely loved him two years ago."

At this point I'm still uneasy, anxious, excited and fearful about how my team is going to look next season.  We all hope that we'll be getting the right players, but I also know it takes time to get that team momentum and flawless play work in place.   My true hope is that our window for glory hasn't closed and that we're not headed into a valley of bad seasons.  

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