Blood, Sweat and Photographic Tears


Passion, is one of those things that separates the people who are truly living, and the others who are just waiting for the clock to hit 5pm or for the weekend.  I hear on a daily basis complaints about how short life is, about how much a job sucks or how long it is until the weekend and I never quite understand why no one makes efforts to change that.  To spend five days waiting for two, seems like a lousy deal. 

There's this tiresome yet undeniably true cliche that "if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life," I've heard it just as many times as I've heard complaints wishing for time to fly.  The irony is that, people spend their lives waiting to live it on the weekend, then experience moments of regret and say "man life is too short."  Which then ties back to passion, the driving force that makes that arduous journey, immense work, blood and sweat all worth it. 

During my daily reads, Gizmodo posted a brilliant article written by Greg du Toit, a photographer who shares his story about his murderously grueling journey in capturing images of wildlife in the South of Kenya.  He endured heat, thousands of insect bites, endless hours in a muddy watering hole, in efforts to get that perfect shot.  He concludes, that after reviewing his collective work over the months, that "wildlife photography is more about the experience than about getting the shot."  Most of the article's commenters are in awe at his dedication to his work and others question why he didn't sit comfortably in a camouflage tent with a telephoto lens, I think what people don't understand is that in order to capture that eye level horizon with his subjects, requires patience and creative positioning. 

I won't diminish his moving story by transcribing every detail, but urge you to take a few minutes and read it.

I became an artist because I marvel at the passion, love, creativity and the miraculous expressions that people are capable of.  I often get asked why I sleep only a few hours a night, why work 16 hour days, why I take on so many projects or why my brain is always wanting to try so many things and it's entirely because I love everything do.  I'm not willing to sacrifice my art, work, culinary interests, fitness routines, travels or any interest for that matter, so I've learned to make it work. 

Whatever it is that you're passionate about, just stick to it and most of all, don't spend 5 weekdays wishing for only 2.

Photos by Greg du Toit  

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