UFC Fight Night in Review

What a bizarre night, a realm of things occurred tonight that stayed true to UFC fashion, which is anything can and probably will happen.  Based on his futile efforts in his last fights against Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir, if you would have told me that Cheick Kongo would someday be successful at achieving multiple take-downs, I would have scoffed at the idea and say "yah and now you're gonna tell me he's fast too?" 

 I was recovering in bed from catching this 24hr bug at the Yoga studio and watched the fights streaming while on the phone with C.  During the first round in the second minute, Kongo goes in and takes down Paul Buentello.  I scream on the phone WTF CHEICK KONGO got a takedown.. we both laughed thinking it had to be impossible, Buentello had to have tripped or something, but nope throughout each round he kept taking down Buentello and landing severe knees to the body and face (which Kongo got points deducted for).  While Cheick is driving massive elbows to Paul's thigh, I see a glove tapping the ground and for the first time ever I saw what the announcers described as a "tapout due to elbow to the thigh."

Sakara secured a win over James Irvin by punching him directly in the eyeball, and Brandon Vera experienced the same fate when Jon Jones in the 3rd minute of the first round got Vera on the ground and nailed him in the eye as well. 

It was a night of jocular events and as usual, I'm at-least left entertained with something to talk about.  I think I want to make it a goal one day, to elbow someone in the thigh until they tap out.  Maxim, Stuff and other magazines are always talking about debilitating a man by nailing him in the groin or the adam's apple.  I think the Three Stooges were onto something with their two finger eye poke.

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