Four Trends I LOL at Myself for

Usually not one to look back in regret, there are a few trend wagons I've jumped on that leave me to think I must have been intoxicated when making certain style choices. Here are just 5 that I consistently LOL at every time I see pictures of myself posed with such conviction that I look cool.

Ahh the infamous 80's bangs.  I remember being in elementary or middle school and the greater the height of your bangs, the cooler you were.  Throw in some "Sun In" for highlights and extra "Aqua Net" for lift and I had myself a bulletproof wave with mad cool high lights!

Gaaah the baggy jeans, JNCO, Ben Davis, L.E.I and etc.  There was a period where the ghetto, skater look was in and I ate it up like In N Out burgers.  Just like the hair, the bigger the jeans the better, in fact standard rule was that the bottoms cover your feet.  As if that wasn't horrid enough, I had the canvas belts, with the jump rope length of excess belt hanging.  The hilarious part is I was dead certain I would wear baggy jeans for life, and here I am now now with black hair, fitted cigarette pants with a cardigan and Hermes scarf.  How we grow up.

Fast forwarding into adulthood, there was a period in my life where I gained a tonne of weight and any fashion sense I had acquired up to that point went out the window.  I started wearing disposable fashion from Forever 21 that included floral tent dresses, that I now realize only enhanced my robust physique.  I would pair these dresses with weird boots or leggings and I think in my mind it was an attempt at hobo chic, but it was just fail on so many levels.  It was as if Britney Spears (during her crazy phase with her dirty weave) and I were both digging from the same dirty laundry basket.

Despite her ditzy behavior and lack of credibility when it comes to fashion, this girl has caused so many trends, from the knitted shawl to the Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy.  Going beyond the shawl, I thought I'd try out the poncho, hey it hides the pudgy parts, it's comfy and uber warm.  There's a right and a wrong way to wear a poncho, and I was in all sorts of wrongs.  Truthfully, when you're pudgy, bigger clothes make you look bigger and very few people pull of the poncho stylishly. 

I'm sure there are many other faux pas, as having misses comes with the territory of exploring fashion.  The above however weren't exactly astonishing risks, but just bad phases that I'll blame on confusion.  In good news I've lost the weight I gained during that time and am still taking risks with my looks.  We'll see in a few if I have more to add to this list.

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