UFC Primetime, GSP vs Dan Hardy


Last year at UFC 94, we saw Georges St. Pierre (GSP) vs BJ Penn; the first installment of UFC's Primetime. UFC's emulation of HBO's award winning 24/7 show. What made the fight so intriguing was the fact that it was two champions, and MMA legends facing off in a super fight. Now we see GSP and Hardy facing off; I'm not sure if this was such a wise decision by the UFC.

GSP is undoubtedly a superstar, who is one UFC's poster boy's and we have Dan Hardy, who has just recently making second rank headlines from fighting a lot of B list fighters. In the last 3 fights we've seen Hardy fight Rory Markham, Marcus Davis, Mike Swick. All 3 of these fighters are hardly house hold names, yet now Hardy get's a shot at fighting GSP.

The only thing I can think is that the UFC is trying to promote and market another fighter from the UK, because I don't think that this installment of UFC's Primetime will be that successful.

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