UFC 111, One Word - EPIC!

It has been quite the epic month of sports and what better to welcome the final days of March then by having a beautifully crafted fight card.  It was quite a disappointing blow to learn that the Pitbull Thiago Alves won't be fighting Jon Fitch due to a questionable cat scan, but Ben Saunders is stepping up to the plate.  I always sit in angst when a an unexpected fighter steps in place of another, the training regimen is different and the results aren't always in favor for the substitute.

 But before diving into my routine picks for the fight card, I'd like to flex some finger muscles and engage in some main event conversation.  Dan Hardy who's training with Matt Serra, during UFC primetime, is clustered in the gym like a group of teenagers alternating giggles and snide comments in regards to GSP's calendar.  I'll say this, David Beckham was a talented soccer player well before he blessed us all by posing for Armani in tighty whities, and GSP proved to be one of the best pound for pound fighters before gracing the covers of Men's Fitness magazine.  The thing with GSP aside from his charming accent and his ruggedly handsome looks, is that he's a scientist when it comes to his routine, physical capabilities, studying his craft, and training with the will to die.  Between Dan Hardy and Matt Serra, I wonder who excels better at the craft of shit talking because both fighters have created an impeccable branding based on their mouth alone.  They can't all be classy, and people do love the drama! I love what GSP says in regards to Dan Hardy saying he has nothing to lose.. "it's not true, you always have something to lose when you step into the octagon."

Next on the buffet is a huge serving of drama, fury, what Brock calls a "make believe title" and of course some more good ol' shit talking.  When Shane Carwin was first scheduled to go toe to toe with Brock Lesnar, I gripped the edge of my seat in anticipation because I felt if anyone had a good chance against Brock, Shane Carwin would be the man.  Speed race into the present, 11KOs later, Carwin is set to face off against someone who some say has fallen off the deep end, Frank Mir.  In fact Brock calls Mir his personal stalker.  Many of us have felt rage, an anger and resentment so deep we just wanted to inflict an ocean of pain on someone, but eventually you either have to let it go, or let it consume you and I think Frank Mir is consumed.  Consumed so far that his entire life is now dedicated to the demise of Brock Lesnar.  I still am routing and picking Shane Carwin for this fight, because we all know how I feel about trash talkers. 

It's going to be an amazing card and finally here are my picks!  I'm usually about 75% right so we'll see...

GSP - DAN HARDY = GSP for sure
Kurt Pellegrino-Fabricio Camoes = Kurt Pellegrino (how do you not pick a guy named batman ;) )
Jon Fitch - Ben Saunders = Would have picked Thiago but will now have to go with Fitch
Miller - Bocek= Miller
Diaz - Markham= oh nate nate nate.. you let me down so much but I like ya so will continue to support. 
the rest.. I'm still deciding! 

So cheers mma fans! I was so desperately trying to write about my lovely new fashion find but it's hard to talk style when UFC countdown and primetime is on...

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