An Update of Epic Proportions

Sometimes you have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four.  ~Dan Birdwell

Saying that I've been incredibly busy would be an incredible understatement and put me at risk of sounding like a habitual cubicle drone.  Though for the past month my life has been engulfed by three things, work, sports, sporadic culinary experimentation and working out (Yoga, Rock climbing etc).   I sleep everyday between 2am - 3am and wake up at at 7:30am - 8am, cook breakfast, walk Louis (the baby love sweetface pitbull), and head into the office.  Believe me, I don't list that routine in any sort of disdain, because I actually enjoy where I work and what I do.  The remainder of my evenings and weekends are reserved for freelance work and the rest. 

Inevitably all of our lives require some sort of routine, one that nourishes growth, one that we enjoy and one that doesn't cause an awakening of regret 15 years later.  

Despite my lack of downtown social adventures (clubs, events etc), I'm still a fancier of all things stylish and eminently strange or distinguishing.  

 (images via The Australian Ballet and Style Lines)

My most recent purchase is a basic "T", that Alpha 60 created in partnership with the Australian Ballet, delivering a clever underlying message, expressing revolt against being a drone and conventional ideas of uniformity.   Only 100 shirts will be made and each come with a hand numbered swing tag.  You can purchase here.

Kat George, writer for one of my favorite blogs (StyleLines), expresses "The t-shirt itself is true to Alpha60 style; French noir with a dark, addictive wit that gives two fingers to The Man and laughs in the face of normalcy and convention. The child inside me is drawn to the image adorning the tee- the anti-authoritarian youth that for the most part lies dormant, now giggles cheekily over the suited man in a tu-tu.
Seemingly unawares of the joke that is being played out at his expense, the man represents every adult that ever told me what to do when, as a small girl, I tirelessly persisted in sticking my hand in the cookie jar.

I couldn't have written it better!  In a sea of bloggers her witty talent for words is un-pretentious and charming.

Tonight is rock climbing, and this weekend FIGHT NIGHT!

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