Pacquiao vs Clottey a Spar Session in Review

Here I come, Bang! Bang! Bang! OOh Bang! I think if I can sum up Saturday night's fight in two ways Bang would be one of them and double handed "clap" ear punch would be the other.  In the moment that all of us heard the the announcer yell a sequential string of BANGS, we all knew that "Bang" would become part of the internet vernacular and an infamous meme.  Jim Rome, described the "Bang" soundtrack like watching the visual onomatopoeia's  that used to parade our screens during Batman's intense fight scenes.

So I think we all owe Jim Lampley a big thanks, because aside from Manny's ear clap punch, Lampley provided an entertaining addition to what would have been a boring spar match.  It was as if Lampley was talking trash for Pacquiao like "BANG yeah you like that? Take that and Bang Bang! Eat that glove!"

Granted that I'll give it to Clottey that he's done better than his predecessors that faced the enigma known as Manny Pacquiao, arguably the best pound for pound fighter, Clottey's performance rendered the impression that he was just trying to survive.  Cotto who got TKO in the 12th round, De La Hoya who had to quit in the 8th, and Ricky Hatton who got put to sleep in the 2nd, all may not have made it to decision like Clottey, but at least stepped into the ring to engage and tried to win the fight. 

In watching the pre-fight interviews and videos, I had this hope that defensive Clottey would come into this the underdog and show that he could stand up to the best and go down a warrior.  Instead, as predicted for the first 8 rounds Clottey served as Manny's punching bag, and looked like an amateur who just got paid to go 12 rounds with a fighter, and survive.  To give him credit, he did land some hard uppercuts on Manny, but still, if surviving was his goal, he did that superbly. 

Like most sports nights and last UFC, it was an epic night with many laughs, good noms, some beers and we ended it all with a game of Horse in the backyard.  It's been years since I've done a layup or just shot free-throws, definitely a fun night!

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