Britney Spears Un-Chopped

One of the most criticized, scrutinized and talked about celebs, Britney Spears is baring all in a positive light, showing everyone the pre-photochopped images of her Candie's campaign.  Although her before images show mild cellulite, thicker body parts, bruising and uneven skin tone, the images are not that far from the after. But then again, after the world has seen your vajayjay, there's little left to be shy about.

The before and after differences don't seem as drastic as Madonna's images that were released.  Recently there's been uproar all over the media about how Photoshop is the enemy and we should gear towards showcasing the real side of women.  The truth is though that if we really wanted to see real sized women, with real flaws, we would.  Consumers hold the power of what gets fed to them.  Companies may get praise for featuring more "real" women, but it's been found that plus sized women don't sell as well as the thin ones we're accustomed to seeing.

Coming from a Gal that's not a size 2, and probably has more cuts and bruises on the legs from rock climbing and such then most girls, I'm not offended by photochopped images, and I don't think the pshop is going anywhere.  People nip tuck in real life anyway, so I see nothing wrong with a little airbrush and pull in the images.  Don't worry photoshop I got your back, you've done wonders over the years for my art so I know you do plenty of good!

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