Cleveland Browns - Shaun Rogers Packs Heat When Travelling


So, this gentleman forgot he left his loaded gun in his suitcase...... WAIT WHAT?! how the hell do you forget a gun in your suit case ?

What would go through your mind.. while packing to go on the road ? Comb - Check, Toothbrush - Check, Toothpaste - Check, Underwear - Check, LOADED GUN - CHECKKKKK!!1 !@#@!

In his defense "By no means did I intend or willingly or knowingly take a firearm into the airport," he said. "That's not something I would do." ARE YOU KIDDING ME.?!?!?! Well first off.. you did take a gun to the airport! secondly, knowing or not..... CHECK YOUR DAMN BAG..

Anyways, even if he's not convicted I'm sure he will get a suspension by the NFL.

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