Georges St. Pierre Shouldn't Have to Apologize for Winning


"Football teams don't apologize for routing an opponent 42-0, neither do baseball teams for a rout or tennis players for steamrolling a foe in one-sided fashion. He simply dissected Hardy and overwhelmed him in his most vulnerable area." (Mike Chiappetta)

I'm pretty sick of hearing the backlash in regards to GSP's so called "lack luster" performance last Saturday  and upon reading this spot on article, going over "GSP's Dominance by Numbers", one thing that MMA fans forget is that this is a sport, not an Colosseum for a massacre.  The athletes that fight in this sport, train endlessly and some of the greatest fighters in the world such as GSP, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and Fedor, have fighting down to almost a science.  Although St. Pierre's last bout at UFC 111 with Dan Hardy wasn't a bloodbath, it was nothing short of a precise and formulated domination. 

While I'll admit that we haven't seen GSP go toe to toe with someone in a strict stand up game for quite some time, he still is has an impeccably accurate striking game, "197 of 401 standup strikes (49 percent)" while his opponents "landed 141 of 426 (33 percent)."  GSP's foundation is wrestling and if an opponent is weaker in that field, I see nothing wrong with taking the fight to the ground.  Again, it's about winning, not just opening up someones head to spray blood on a medieval rowdy bunch. 

There's something about becoming another caliber of athlete that cultivates magnified speculation and standards, but in saying GSP didn't do enough is discrediting not only the winner but also his opponent.  It's not as if GSP has been facing off with entry level fighters, each of his last bouts has had an impressive record and with each St. Pierre just showcased his calculated fighting abilities based off of an abundance of training.

• Hardy had won 12 of 13 (only loss coming via DQ) and hadn't been finished since 2005
• Fitch was on a 17-fight unbeaten stretch and hadn't been finished since 2002
• Alves had won 9 of 10 with his only loss coming to the aforementioned Fitch

Fans need to retract their teeth and claws a bit, give these guys some credit and sometimes just sit back and say "jolly good show chap." Ok maybe not so proper, but think back two seasons when the Detroit Lions went 0-16, every team that faced up against them was basically handed a win, but was there any resentment held towards the winning team? Of course not.

So GSP, with that, Jolly Good Show Chap, and Hardy it was a magnificent spectacle seeing you being modestly nice after the fight. 

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