UFC 112 - Invincible (Better Late Then Never)

Although the fights are currently taking place, let's invoke the honor system, because it would be a travesty for a fight card to go by without my picks.  It's been incredibly busy and I've barely had a chance to eat let alone blog, but I'm never one to not give my two cents to each sporting event.  So I will write this as if it were 3 hours prior, and that the fights have not happened yet.. most off DON'T WORRY No spoilers till tomorrow.  I know many of you won't see the fight till tonight.

I've starred my picks for tonight and yes it is left heavy for the main events.  Starting from the bottom up, in watching the countdown, and seeing Gracie claim his royalty and promised domination, I'd like to believe that he'd knock the cocky out of Matt Hughes, but in truth I don't think it'll happen.  He's been out of the training game for two years, and is lacking the current in octagon experience that Hughes has. 

For the Lightweight championship, we all know that there's nothing I wish more than the domination of BJ "cry baby" "trash talking" "glove licking" Penn.  I hope so hope and want Edgar to beat him.  I just don't think Edgar has the flexibility, ground game, and overall versatility that BJ Penn has.  With that said, I HOPE I'm so wrong and that Edgar dominates!

Now for the main event..I've always expressed my thoughts on how Demian Maia is such an all around cool guy with superior ground game.  Although I love seeing the underdog come out on top, I just don't thing Maia has a tenth of the stand up accuracy and skills that Anderson Silva has.  So though I think Silva will once again come out on top, I do hope for a good fight.

As for the remaining fights, I got Grove, Davis, Story,  and gahhhhhhhh towards the Al Turk fight.. that guy I swear, he came in with so much promise and is so fail at times. 

See I kept to my word, written as if the fights have not occurred and will come back with the reviews later this evening :) Have an awesome fight day folks!

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