The Busy Little Dreamer

Moving the bookmark two pages right, to arrest from my sequence of sports entries, I thought I'd take a moment to really absorb everything that has been going on.  Usually people wish for the days to fly into the weekend, and I'm absolutely stunned and stressed that it's already Wednesday. 

To say that life has been incredibly busy, would be an awful understatement and come off as if I'm whining, which of course is not the case.  I like to say that my project hording skills are robust and thus have challenged my time management.  I remember being 12 and sharing a daydream with a friend. When I grew up I wanted to be a powerhouse with a briefcase, my own phone number, constantly be on the computer and zooming all over the world.  Well my blackberry has allowed me to stay connected with everyone in almost every way, I don't quite zoom all over the world but do gallop away for the weekend around the western hemisphere, and the briefcase has been replaced by an array of chic handbags.  We're all working towards something, some a house, others a car, for me it's for the ongoing stepping stones to the next place. 

Understanding and coming to terms that the my flawed human design requires me to have food, sleep and activity, I've managed to budget the hours in my weeks pretty efficiently to include some social interaction, so i'm not a hobbit, rock climbing and yoga, cooking and of course sporting events. 

I'll be posting updates on this frequently probably up to the date, but for those who can jet set away for a weekend at the end of May.  UFC Fan Expo will be taking place on May 29th and tickets are still on sale.  I doubt it's to the mayhem and magnitude of Comicon, where I was only able to get a 1 day ticket b/c they sold out so fast, but it should be pretty epic and huge. Hotel and airfare is still pretty reasonable as well.   I'll see all you fellow fight fans there.

 I wrote not too long ago about the Alpha 60/Australian ballet shirt that I ordered, which came in and is absolutely smashing in person.  The print, quality of cotton and even the tag are well made and I'm happy to wear my subtle expression of revolt against the man.  I'm marked number 78 out of 100 (shirts that were made).
The slight paradox to my clutzy unfeminine demeanor and love for sports is my undying adoration for fashion and specifically all things unique, expressive an avant garde.  I've been posting about this misunderstood breed of a shoe by Nicholas Kirkwood.  Adorned with tresses of white and black ombre goat hair, with a gorgeous structured sole and heel, it has consumed and enveloped me completely.  I can't justify the price, especially since I barely have time to go out, but when I saw these appear on Bravo's Kell on Earth where Kelly Cutrone received a pair for her birthday, and I saw how beautiful they look on a foot, I've been at wits end on finding a pair.  I saw one on EBay for much less but still pricey. 

My friend said he thought I skinned a pigmy and was attempting to shove my foot in it's head, I told him his description was almost as creative as the shoe.

Obsessions aside, it's going to be quite the busy week and no weekend in sight as there's lots to prepare and get done.  Ciao for now!

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