4 Days & Counting - UFC Fan Expo/114

Although I was just in Sin City a little while back for an epic new years extravaganza, and I always say at the end "I'm done on Vegas", but true to fashion I'm actually beyond excited for this week's trip. Why? Because not only is there a pretty good fight card in town, but there will also be the UFC 2 day fan expo going on.

I'm hoping to get some good footage and images for the blog and of course see some of the fighters in person.  The autograph session schedules are now up, click here to view. The expo is going to be huge with everything from grappling tournaments to training and development sessions with UFC fighters such as, Frank Mir, Brandon Vera, Urijah Faber, Matt Serra and etc.   Note: 1 Training and Development session is $150 additional.  

So, while I didn't get extra tix to be getting in the clinch, or engaging in some grappling with Frank Mir, I'll be at the event for both days then catching UFC 114 on Saturday night with one of my favorite fight pals, the Gonz, and C. from Canada.  Like the rest of the fans, I've been awaiting for this fight between Rampage and Rashad since all the drama during season 10 of TUF.  

While I'm so routing for Rampage to KO Rashad, I just think unless he lands a lucky shot, Rashad may have this fight.  In watching primetime, just like in the countdowns, the editors usually try to make it so that both fighters look good, to give the impression that the fight can go either way.  But no amount of creative tension, articulated by clever editing can mask the differences in the caliber of training between the two rivals.  You have Rashad Evans training with the likes of beastly Shane Carwin and one of the pound for pound best fighters, GSP, then you have Rampage who's training with Cheick Kongo and Michael Bisping.  I don't think any further words are really needed when you compare the four.  

Regardless, with all the twitter trash talking between the two, I'm hoping for a good fight and you never know.. Rampage may pull it off.  Even though the guy wasn't the best coach, and talks equally the same amount of trash as Rashad, he's a lot funnier, a bit more personable and even came off a little likable after TUF 10. 

View the pre-fight preview below. 

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