Bright Care Dental - North Park - San Diego, CA


Pre-work impressions:

I haven't been to the dentist in years and upon walking into this place I started getting that daunting feeling you imagine the victim gets in horror films, when they walk into a castle and are about to be eaten.

The rooms are divided by what seems to be like grand scale cubicle walls that don't reach the ceilings, so I can hear every conversation and possible sales pitch. All I hear are payment options, pitches and etc.

While sitting in the worn, stained and slightly torn dentists chair, waiting for my turn, I decided to read reviews from yelp. See below.

Post-non-work impressions:
I hit send right as the doctor was coming in, and didn't even get to finish my pre-inspection reviews.  The doctor looked at my x-rays, poked around, handed me a mirror to look, while he spouted acronyms and dentist jargon to an assistant taking notes.  From beginning to end, the entire vibe of the office seemed to be all about money.  The way they listed off my "detrimental problems", reminded me of my grocery list prior to a football party.

So at the end of the exam, I asked "well can I just get a basic cleaning", and they replied saying "no you've suffered too much bone loss and need too much, so we need to do the deeper cleaning ($1000, $600 w/ insurance) and take care of your wisdom teeth first.

As a disclaimer, I'm not stating that they are lying or that I couldn't use this work done, but it's a hard pill to swallow since I don't feel pain, my wisdom teeth don't cause me discomfort and of course their pitch sounded exactly like how everyone else was re-iterating it on yelp.  So in listening to the advice of fellow yelpers, I asked for a copy of my recommendations and x-rays (which costed $25), and hit the road Jack.

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