Georges St. Pierre is Bringing the Secret Weapons

In Greek mythology, what separated the Gods from humans, aside from just mortality, was that the Gods were revered and considered all perfect beings.  While there are many great fighters and no human is completely perfect, Georges St. Pierre definitely classifies as a supreme caliber of athlete.

During the lonely months when football is null, I frolic in the merriment of my favorite fight based sports, like boxing and MMA.  If there's anyone that knows how to do proper reality tv, it's the UFC. The formula yields a perfect season each time, two known fighters as coaches, a bunch of dudes in a house, and a scheduled fight each episode.  Tonnes of drama, intense fights that the viewer is emotionally involved in due to watching week after week, and of course the final fight between the two coaches.

Although I'm still two episodes behind on this season (TUF 11), I'm extremely on edge to see what kind of arsenal GSP is going to bring to the next season and if Josh Koscheck can hang.  Like Dana White, I'm DEFINITELY no Koscheck Fan. I think he's a huge trash talker and although it was a cheap and dirty shot, I snickered a bit when Daley nailed him at the end.  Although my opinion of Koscheck could be skewed by my dislike for his personality, I actually don't think his performance against Daley was that spectacular, it was like a take down hug fest.

More than anything I'm excited to see the science GSP brings to training his camp and his insane work ethic. He's always said that he works with doctors and specialists to fully understand every aspect of his physical training and development.  When he fought BJ Penn, he said that he knew BJ Penn is flexible in the hips, which also means he has weak thoracic cage.. I was astounded by his depth in research when it came to his preparation.

Here's what he told MMA Weekly about TUF 12

“I’ll take all my coaches, if they want to come, and so far they all want (to), I’ll also have some people that work with me that nobody knows yet, that aren’t in my corner, but they play a huge role in my career. I have a guy from Paris, France, he’s a champion in Muay Thai, he helps me before every fight, and nobody knows who he is cause he’s not in my corner,”

“It’s perfect timing, I’m very happy that it happened right now actually, It’s going to be a good experience because don’t forget I need to stay in shape as well, I need to train because I’m going to have a fight coming up too soon as well. It’s going to be the first experience for me. I’m excited because I do things quite differently than most of the fighters, the way I train, so I’m happy, I’m going to be able to show people how I train, it’s going to be a good experience.”

Like most, I don't think Koscheck has a chance facing up against GSP, but I'm more interested to see the tactics he'll use in his training and how his coaching ethics will be.

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