Finding Childhood Vindication by a Little Kick Ass


Dr. Seuss wrote story book rhymes which made childhood mischief, simply creative fun. When Roald Dahl wrote "James and the Giant Peach" "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" or "The BFG", he provided oppressed children with an outlet to temporarily free themselves from the chains of their parents' limitless control.

For us outcasts, true geeks and those working for the man, Kick Ass provides a glorifying reminder that geeks really do rule, and a nostalgic comedic look back onto our childhoods when we suffered through the indignation of being denied that extra fruit roll up, playing in the rain, or being scolded when innocent.

As a kid and teen that was picked on and found solace among those in a computer lab playing Wolfenstien, Doom and hanging out in chat rooms, I giggled in glee watching Hit Girl ninja her way through the bad guys, imagining I could go back and impale those who made fun of me for having Astro Boy as an imaginary friend, and that woman who mistook me in the girls bathroom as a wandering lost boy.

Many of those that read the comic prior to seeing the movie, may have qualms about how the story was displayed. This will always be the case. I've come to terms that most movies based on comics are interpretations and will have variances. There are elements in both versions that I appreciate. I suggest all of you that also left the movie with a sense of awe and enjoyment, to check out the comic.

So tonight I bid you adieu and in rebellion I'll be gorging in a bag of ketchup chips, pastries and sugared drinks, despite it being past bed time :D

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