The Little Joys in Life

Since coming back from E-Town, I've completely been devoid of blogging and updating here, although I promise you that updates and more nommy rants are under way.  I mean I can't believe I haven't even posted yet my reactions and thoughts to the Mayweather Mosley fight, which I will, because despite the fight being a part of predictable boxing history now, there's quite a bit to discuss about what happened and what will happen. 

The past few days have been about catching up, staying on top, writing out my booked events for the month and re-arranging the balls I'm juggling.  People always criticize me for taking a bit of work with me when I travel and I justify by saying "it keeps me sane."  The reason why people always complain that they need a vacation after a vacation (though the nature of my trip was not for relaxation purposes) is because the drop everything and leave things un-kept and come back to a bigger mound of tasks.  For me time away allows me to take care of the personal things, while stepping away from the professional tasks to look at them from a different angle and come back with new intentions and a better perspective. 

So with that I leave you with my incredibly soul soothing lunch today which is Taro Yogurt with Strawberries and of course a side of bubble tea! The letters on my qwerty keyboard cannot express brilliantly enough how nomtastic this all is!

This nomster bids you good noms and chat with you soon.

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