The Last Emperor - Fedor vs Werdum

It's a sad day for me, as one of my top favorite fighters proved that even "The Last Emperor" is just human and every man at any point can lose.  I was sad that I missed Cung Le's bout and fantastic win, but for the main event, despite how I love a great submission more than a KO, watching Fedor have to tap was devastating.  Live to fight another day and as Fedor said in his post fight commentary, "a man who never falls, never learns how to get up."

It's been a tough phase for my top 3 fighters, Fedor - submitted by Werdum of all people, Lyoto lost to Shogun and Wanderlei can't fight due to injury.

Even Werdum said at the end, Fedor is still the best and he'll always be regarded as such.

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