LT Inked on With the Jets and Deems Time With Chargers Dead

Anyone in any professional relationship who says "nothing personal, it's just business", is just lying.  When it was announced that LT was leaving his home team of the Chargers to join the JETS, gasps and cries for our cherished Hall of Fame player could be heard everywhere.  While LT's performance has been lack-luster compared to his 2006 self, there's no doubt that his name and impressive record will always be synonymous with the Bolts. Before even started pre-season and getting settled with his new team, LT solidified his place (starting or not) with the JETS tattoo on his calf. Quoted from LT "For me, it’s kind of closing that chapter of my career in San Diego, it’s kind of like it’s dead, and a new birth is being born with the Jets logo being put on my other calf...” 

While the Chargers, LT and the media thus far have treated his move like a sterile business transaction, it's obvious that LT has some emotions and aspirations to show his former team who really needs who.  In an interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, LT expresses his feelings towards his time with the Chargers now "dead" and the JETS are his re-birth.  Although LT says that he doesn't care about starting saying "Whatever they need me to do, whether it’s catching the ball out of the backfield, whether it’s picking up blitzing linebackers or running draw plays or screens or what have you.."
He also expresses that he's tired of being doubted and will show what kind of RB he really is on his new team. Ambition and supposedly no ego? What a novel idea.

While LT may be wanting to stick it to the Chargers, the Bolts are also on a mission to prove that re-signing Norv Turner for 3 years, our draft picks, and building the team as it is now, is for the best.

I think the knife in the my Charger loving heart was when LT was asked if he won the Superbowl as with the Jets would he go into the Hall of Fame as a Charger or a Jet, and he simply just smiled and said “Interesting. That’s all I’ll say.” 
About 3 months and counting then fball season starts up again and I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT!

to watch the interview go here

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