SD Fair Time and Deep Fried Butter

As a culinary enthusiast and a frequent foodie of all sorts, I'm starting to wonder if people have just become bored with what's out there and must contrive of new ways to "shock and awe" our tastebuds, stomachs and arteries.  While the idea of deep fried butter  to me, invoke images of hurling, stomach aches and "Fear Factor", I've actually been told that it's quite good. 

I don't even feel that this dish deserves the "shock and awe" it's receiving because quite literally it's just a fried stick of butter.  Eating live octopus, or a blow-fish that could kill you, that's shock and awe!

Every year the San Diego Fair releases a list of new fried foods, which are usually the appeal to the fair.  It reminds me of the Simpson's episode with the fryer, where everything from a deep fried wine bottle and shoe could be eaten.  After the deep fried mac n cheese, hotdogs, chocolate bars and twinkies, I didn't think there could be anything left to annihilate the arteries with, and they go and introduce deep fried butter. 

I think I'll continue the path of noms snobbery and enjoy my grilled corn and lemonades at the fair. 

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