An Open Letter to BP

Dear BP,
While we all know that you have a hojillion dollars to spare, the truth of the matter is that the $65 million you make a day can go to better use than advertising on Facebook, Google CPC campaigns and ahem of course photoshopping pictures to post in the "Gulf Response in Photos" section of your website.  

With that said, I do have to say you guys have a spectacular PR team because your press releases, photos, interviews and etc are superbly spun. eg. Your tweet "556,900 barrels of oil recovered to date". Spilled? 140.6 million gallons. While you can say that you're a big target that's easy to hate at the moment, it's just you make it soo easy. There's no need to re-hash what the media has already covered, regarding your efforts, things that should have been done differently and of course skewed information and etc. but really when it comes down to it, your money could be so much better used than advertising on every possible "oil spill" keyword.

Like paying for those who are out jobs due to the Gulf disaster .... or..........hiring better photoshoppers :D I know many talented folks that may be interested.


>> now back to the comic-con programming.

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