Comic-Con, the Most Wonderful Time of The Year

We all have our favorite holidays, Christmas, New Years or even Memorial day, just because you get to take off of work or school.  Comic-con, although not officially a holiday, for geeks, nerds, pop culture fanboys and girls alike, it's that one time of year where for four days, San Diego is the epicenter for all sorts of wonderful mayhem.

For anyone who has never gone, there aren't enough words that can describe why this event is so epic, but I can say why I love it.  While some go to Comic-Con to battle eachother for free bags, plastic rings, Twilight postcards and inflatable He-Man swords (not gonna lie, that one is pretty cool), free swag aside, the entire event is FLOODED with rockstars of the geek lovers realm.

Two of my favorite moments included when I got to meet the producer for Street Fighter 4, Yoshinori Ono, who also signed my poster, and when I met RYOTA NITTSUMA (see image above) producer for Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and concept artist for Crimson Viper!!! About 4 years ago, I was talking to one of the writers at a booth for Marvel and when I told him I was a huge fan of the Dark Phoenix Saga, he ended up drawing me a sketch.  In addition to being able to purchase art books (got a signed print/book from Hoang Nguyen) and art pieces, you often get to meet the artist themselves.


Marv Wolfman God of War 3

My scheduled round of must sees that I visit every year include Square Enix, Capcom,  Artist's Alley, Hasbro (transformers ftw) and sometimes Sony and etc. 

So this year, while the crowds are all crowding the TV and Movie booths hunting for swag, I urge you to join me along the less crowded nooks and alleys where you never know who you may meet or what you'll find.

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