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A memorable trip to Seattle, endless insomnia and constant exciting work projects, have all contributed to my physical addiction to coffee.

I've found that drinking coffee long enough to become dependent on it will do one of two things, make you a tasteless consumer who will ingest anything as long as it's caffeinated or turn you into a coffee snob that is picky because you know what you like, and how you like it. My dear readers I've become a rookie coffee snob. I have a lot to learn about origins, various prep methods and types of beans but, a big but I know one thing for sure. I refuse to drink any type of coffee that doesn't taste good black or with just a splash of soy milk (or lactose free milk).

Many people think they are drinking great coffee when in fact what they are consuming is nothing more than great amounts of flavored creams and sugar.

I had Caffe Umbria coffee years ago from the amazing seafood restaurant called "Crustacean". Paired with dessert and sipped black, I was in love.

Fed up with daily trips to Starbucks for merely "acceptable" coffee, I picked up a porcelain to go cup that I love, a French Press and ordered two bags from Umbria (who will send you your coffee based on how you will be preparing it.)

Let the art of trial and error begin. Hopefully with practice, I'll master how I love my coffee.

With how busy things have been, you'll be seeing more short posts on the go from the bberry. Till next time :)
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