FBall + MMA = Beautiful Weekend

Towards the end of the movie Casablanca, when Rick looked at Louis and said "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.." those words set off a ripple of epic proportions, leaving viewers with that angst and awe for what was to come.  My friends, after weeks of 12-18 hour work days, battles with insomnia, drama on the freeways with folks who think that buying a hybrid makes their righteous butts good drivers and guilt from neglecting my poor blog....

This is going to be a beautiful weekend...

Let's kick-off why. 

From that god awful playoffs game where the Chargers lost to the Jets earlier this year, I wasn't just mourning the loss of my team, but also the end of fball season.  As always time flies and with pre-season now herer,  my Sundays will soon once again be accompanied by wings, fries, beer and NFL Sunday Ticket.  Starting it all will be tomorrow morning's Fan Fest and Charger's training camp.  Each year, I go w/ who's down to just go sit, watch our team practice, snap picks and have some stadium noms.  Normally that alone would justify my bursting joy, but in addition to season starting, TOMORROW NIGHT is one of the most epic UFC fight cards I've been excited for in a while!!

Let's start with much ado about the MAIN EVENT! I tell you, it's been a long time since I've disliked both fighters in a fight and hoped for some sort of dual ko/implosion but although Anderson Silva is an arrogant dancing fool, I do hope he shuts Chael Sonnen up.  I've found with fighters there's two ways to cross over and become of celebrity status: 1) BE an amazing fighter that is incredibly charismatic or 2) Talk so much trash that you win the love of other douchebags.

Not going to lie, a little drama definitely hypes up the fight, but as always some fool always has to cross the line and Chael Sonnen went so far past that he exited this earth.  Between outlandish self proclamations & bashing of other fighters, what kicked him beyond just "douchebag" status was his comments about "Lance Armstrong" giving himself cancer in an interview with Jim Rome.  Like Rome says, you just don't joke about Cancer man.

In a more recent interview with HeavyMMA.com Chael admits to being a jerk but brings up the valid point that Anderson Silva is a jerk as well but likes to bow to you, pretend respect, then stab you in the back.  I think both guys have their own PR stunts, Sonnen believes all press is good press and Silva can rain douchebaggery, then apologize and give excellent politically correct statements.

For now, Joe Rogan said it best. "Chael Sonnen, world's pound for pound best trash talker and Anderson Silva world's pound for pound best fighter."

The remainder of UFC117's card is just as packed w/ great line ups.  Here are my picks (bold/underlined)

Thiago Alves (171.5*) VS Jon Fitch (170.5)
I like both fighters, but I think Alves has more power behind his punch and a bigger fire in his fight.

Ricardo Almeida (170.5) VS Matt Hughes (170.5)
Ugg Matt Hughes, another fighter who loves to revel in the use of his mouth by trash talking, but I won't deny that this Hall of Famer is a great fighter

Junior Dos Santos (240) VS Roy Nelson (263)
Tought one, people like to judge Big Country and doubt his ability due to his gut,  I personally think his weight helps propel him  and increases his inertia. Kinda like the Juggernaut.  BUT big but, gotta route for my main man Dos Santos.  Had the pleasure of sharing a flight back with him from Vegas and the guy is incredibly classy and cool.

Rafael Dos Anjos (156) VS Clay Guida (156)
YES I know Clay Guida isn't the best, YES I know he likes to hug it out, but the guy's charisma, INSANE CHIN and unbreakable spirit is incredibly infectious.  Whenever I see Clay Guida fight, I hear Eye of the Tiger playing in the background and I just want to start climbing stairs.

So there you have it folks, I hope it'll be an epic weekend for you too.  I'm off to visit some old sports friends and just get rowdy.  Ciao! <3

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