The First Rule of Fight Club

While I may not be part of some secret elite club, boxing the teeth out of disgruntled white collar workers in a basement, I couldn't help but think about Tyler Durden while staring at the ceiling the past few evenings.  In moments of delirium, I started wondering if I could create my own Tyler Durden, but name him Astro Boy (childhood imaginary friend) and also start up some secret society of anti-conformists.  I blame the creative thinking on being an artist haha.

You see most people claim insomnia when they have trouble sleeping and doze off at about 2am.  I've dealt with waves of actual insomnia since I was a kid, where for days, weeks, months at a time the idea of trying to sleep would be dreadful, because I know it would not come easily.  It's so true how Edward Norton describes it in Fight Club, "When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep... and you're never really awake." Most times, a little Dramamine or benedryl can help with the doze aid, but last night no amount of influence was going to let me rest.  I used to go like this for at least a week every month, but as I've gotten older the frequency of restless nights is reducing. 

Nevertheless, it still sucks.  I was a zombie today, and if it weren't for gallons of coffee, I have no idea how I would have functioned.  I barely made it to momma's house after work, and actually got an hour of rest in.  But enough with the wah wah wah sob stories about lack of sleep, as a gamer and an artist I won't deny that the best things happen when the sun is down.

Let's actually skip backwards to an epic Saturday night of fights at UFC Live on Versus. I got to the San Diego Sports Arena during the end of most of the prelims but right at the moment that Igor Pokrajac put James Irvin in a rear naked choke.  The moment was so perfectly witnessed that my instant thought was "tonight's gonna be a good night of fights" and boy was it ever. 

I won't give you a play by play b/c by now everyone knows the results , but I will say that my picks were near 100% if it weren't for Munoz and his epic failure at takedowns.

Actually both Okami and Munoz failed at the takedowns, it was like one was trying to teach the other a safety drill of tucking, dropping and rolling.  But I do wish I went with my gut instinct and picked Okami.

The highlight of the evening for me was seeing Gomi deliver the KO of a lifetime while the entire arena was chanting "USA, USA, USA!"  I've always been partial to Pride fighters (except in the case of Shogun/Machida.. .) so you can believe I was jumping with obnoxious exuberance when the 3:1 underdog won!

As for the main event, it was short and sweet.  Jones delivered a rainfall of elbows, TKO'ed Matyushenko and left SD with a positive greeting to "Stay Classy."  I'll admit of all the UFC crowds I've been around, San Diego has the least amount of douchebaggery and Ed Hardy/Affliction uniforms.

 I wore my Jaco shirt which ended up being covered in buttered popcorn due to massive excitement!

Lack of sleep aside, this weekend is going to be one gargantuan ball of epic win!  Saturday morning is the Charger's training camp and then the evening will be a night of fights for UFC 117! While I hate both trash talkers Silva and Sonnen, I somehow am praying for a double K.O or they somehow knock each other in the throats so hard, neither can ever spew another word of trash ever again.  I saw the two of them confront each other at the UFC Fan Expo so I'm excited to see this fight happen. 

It's back to work then hopefully sleep, till next time, ciao! (pardon any vague or convoluted sentences, i'm a walking zombie today who doesn't even have the energy to nom brains let alone edit).

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