A Lazy Sunday


While the beaches were probably packed today and everyone was out in the sun, I spent a good portion of today workin from home, watching re-plays of this weekend's pre-season games, being lazy with louis, sipping iced coffee on my porch and of course catching up on some personal art.

It's been a muchly needed calm and quiet weekend with visits to some good friends and catching up with some projects.

It wasn't too long ago that I finally got my french press and favorite coffee and day by day I get better at making the most delectable iced coffee.

What's in store for the evening? An HBO marathon including Hung, Entourage and True Blood of course. Starting in just a few minutes so I'm grabbing a beer, popping up popcorn and tuning in. Laundry and cooking will have to wait. Happy sunday and don't forget to check out my finally posted pix from UFC up close and personal.
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Diana Le
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