UFC Up Close and Personal (Pix)

Although this is long overdue since the expo was months ago, I finally got to loading a few of the hundreds of images taken at the UFC Fan Expo.  Luckily being a shorter girl, I was able to ninja my way past quite a few lines and hordes of people in order to score some great images and get up close and personal with many of the fighters.  I'll let the pictures do the talking, here are just a few of my favorites, more to come and for now you can view the complete album on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=471023&id=874020499&l=69929923c4

 So without further adieu, pictures and commentary by yours truly thedailychow.com

 What would sports be without beautiful ladies.  Although Arianny is absolutely stunning, I think she actually looks better in film/photos than in person.  Who was actually cuter in person was Chandella.

Despite being a long time Michael Buffer fan, I absolutely am electrified by Bruce's energy and charisma.  I again somehow ninja'ed my way past hundreds of people and even got to have a convo about him announcing at my wedding, to which he replied "he'd love to."

Cain Velasquez is quite charming and extremely huge in person.  Gonz got to say "Brown Pride" to him, and Cain being Cain, he graciously nodded and gave a thumbs up. I told him that he's rocking the heavyweight division and cheers to a long a prosperous career.  Oh and not to mention I thought he was a beast.  (more photos in album)

While him getting a take-down on anyone seems like a miraculous feat, what is most admirable about his man is his lack of hunger for the fame aspect of fighting.  When asked how he responds to people asking him if he's "the Cheick Kongo" in person, he usually replies "I'm sorry you have the wrong man."

 Probably one of the biggest surprises at the expo was learning that Dan Hardy isn't as big of a douchebag that he plays out to be on TV.  Which was kind of shocking because I've spent many many conversations and blogs talking about what a trash talking jerk Dan Hardy is.  When I met him, he was actually pretty good to his fans, took the time to pose for me separately from everyone else and even shot a wink and a smile. 

In contrast to Dan Hardy and just as expected, Frank Mir is an A-HOLE in person.  Not only was he the only fighter that refused to pose for a pic (not that I was even asking for one with him) but while his fans were in line, he would wave them in one by one yelling "next, next, NEXT!"  WHO the hell do you think you are Madonna?

Although he was in rush, I caught him while walking through the crowds on the convention floor and got to tell him that I thought Silva was a dbag and that I admired his massive heart. Demian Maia is my hero :)

Always ready to be in character the talented Jon Fitch.

It's a shame because of all my awesome pictures I took of every other fighter, the ones of Forrest were all wonky. 

Dressed for the occasion, Ken Flo living up to his "professional commentator" recent status by looking slick.

I so wanted to scream out something dorky like I HAVE A CUT, I HAVE A CUT, but resorted to "if you ever need an apprentice, I would make a career swap in an instant!" He (Leon Tabbs) laughed and said blood smells, I said so do boys in sweaty trunks.

For the entire weekend I was Lyoto's personal stalker.  But I'm pretty stoked that I got a lot of good pictures of him and his charming smile.  He's another fighter that was really gracious to fans and short asian girls with a camera ;) After the second day when he was at another booth, he recognized me and my cam, pointed and laughed.

Surprisingly not that many people were stopping mr Swick and he was free and clear to exchange a few words and even pose for me.

So, this picture probably pissed off a lot of people, because while I was walking by, there were HUNDREDS of people who had been waiting in line for eons and were hording around to catch some Randy action.  I literally turned and yelled RANDY you kickass can you pose for me, and he yelled "sure thing pretty lady, as long as you get in here and take a picture too."  Randy Couture is one handsome man and charming at that.  If I can land a punch when I'm even 5 years his jr. I'd be stoked.

Some people say that the Gracie's are no longer relevant, I say they still created a legacy to their name and respect is do.  Renzo was utterly gracious, incredibly funny and one of the few fighters that would actually smile.

Another great guy, Ross Pearson. I think if I were hot enough to be a ring girl, I would fake punches or spinning side kicks to the camera instead of blowing kisses all the time.  Hell i'd even air guitar the equivalent to a hadoken.

Shonie Carter, a classic and still a character.

There's two things I love in a fighter 1) heart and 2) a touch of class.  I've been following this man since Pride and despite his Axe Murderer alter ego, Wanderlei Silva is  one of the classiest fighters in the sport and he loves his fans.

I don't know what happened in his last bout against Fitch, actually I do literally know what happened because I watched it, but more so I'm concerned as to what's next in the book for Thiago Alves because I do believe that he packs a punch as a fighter but just lacks that takedown defense and bit of speed. Great guy in person!

I miss Pride, although there's dream and UFC still pays homage to the Pride days, some of the best fighters/fights happened through Pride.

I wanted to wear it and sing a song.

 The one person I did wait in line to see. My words to GSP "you're going to rock as a coach on TUF, good luck and hope you shut Koscheck up!"  Of course GSP being the classy guy he is says, "I'll do my best!"

That's it for now, but there's plenty more that I'll be loading and sharing that will also include pix from Vegas during that trip.  The point was not just getting fan groupie pix standing their posing, but getting up close and personal with the fighters.  You can view the entire album and more pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=471023&id=874020499&l=69929923c4

Enjoy fight fans and HOOORAH for football season.  Next up my picks for UFC 118, needless to say, I'm routing for Edgar.

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