Michael Buble a Some Kind of Wonderful Concert


I've been to many concerts in my few decades of living and there are only two artists to which I can say sound immaculately better live then on cd, Alicia Keys and Michael Buble.

While sitting in the Sports Arena parking lot, watching people fight inch by inch to leave, I figured I would blog for you and marvel in the spectacular show that took place.

I found out that my favorite Canadian singer was coming to San Diego a few months ago and when I passed around word, asking who would want to go, no one bit, so I decided to go alone. Although I was surrounded by wives and girlfriends that dragged their men there, and the occassional well dressed gay couple (whom I wish I was closer too, bc they were singing n havin fun) I actually had a great time!

Michael Buble, had it not been for his magnetic charisma, boyish charm and incredible voice that lead him into performing, could have been a stand up comedian. He is witty, funny and entertaining.

For the male attendees that feared an evening of anti-manly slow love song singing, this wasn't the case. The evening consisted of signature soulful songs, upbeat interludes, a little Michael Jackson and even a finger snapping homage to Ferris Bueller and his day off. :)

More than anything else I adore what a classy and humble guy he is, even with a sold out arena screaming for him, he was able to stay cool, even curse a lil, be a bit dirty and come off entirely genuine.

How he looks in a suit isn't too bad either haha!

Goodnight my readers, I'm jet setting off to L.A and tomorrow my picks for UFC 118. Cheers.
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