UFC-118 Picks


Man the last 24 hours have been an insane constant gogogo and it's not stopping yet. After a night of Michael Buble, heading north to Drais n Hollywood, surviving eating danger dogs, re-living my youth by eating at Mel's in Hollywood after partying aaannnnd getting about 3hrs ZZZ at the London hotel on Sunset... A bit of shopping/dim sum/coffee later I'm finally resting up for a night of fights.

Absolutely thankful I was designated driver last night, as hangovers and lack of sleep are the worst. Buuuut it's tiiimmmmeeeee <insert bruce buffer voice> for my picks for the evening.

Marcus Davis
Ken Flo
Demian Maia
Randy Couture (though if u bet on toney, payout is 6:1)
Frankie Edgar (better boxer and I hate Penn)

That's all folks, for pix updates n more follow the twitter. <3 u all!
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