UPDATE: Green Day - A Walk Down Memory Lane

The last time I saw Green Day perform was over a decade ago, when I was a whole lot younger and thought I was a whole lot wiser. Now here I am incredibly older and learning that I actually don't know Jack all.

Well after the friends have left and people are trickling out to avoid the traffic, I'm standing in the singing crowd listening to the band continue to play in the open arena and under the nearly clear sky. Many people don't dare to eat alone, see a movie without a companion, let alone stand in an arena of people and just enjoy the experience without assistance. I've found that the moments you experience by yourself are the most genuine and entirely different.  While I love toasting and moshing with friends nearby, singing and dancing aloud on your own, makes the entire world your bathroom shower.

Along with the interludes of nostalgic/hilarious rock music throwbacks, the best part of the evening was seeing fans get brought up on stage to sing the music, dance and even play guitar.  Seeing a fan get the guitar he was playing as a gift was like watching someone's dream come true, it was a beautiful moment. It kinda reminded me of the movie Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg, who gets a chance in a lifetime to become part of his favorite band, and in the end when he becomes a rock star, hands off that dream to someone else, by bringing a fan on stage to sing the song.
So as the night ends on a beautiful acoustic note with everyone, including myself sing the lyrics "wake me up when September ends" I'm punched through the throat and into the gut with memories and feelings of the many things that have happened over the years while growing with this band's music.

The song changes,the crowd sings and the night finally comes to a close with the following lyrics. "It's something unpredictable but in the end it's right, I hope you have the time of your life. "

As the crowds herd out, I always like to stay behind and watch the magic I just witnessed unfold, as the crew packs things up and beer cups are left behind.

Goodnight my readers, tomorrow I leave on a jet plane, and be prepared for some more blogs on the fly via bberry and football rants as season kicks in.
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For old times sake, I took a clip of Basketcase and a very closeup shot of my mouth lol :P

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