UFC 119 a Beautiful Sports Weekend

While tomorrow's fight card's original appeal was surrounding the novelty of having both Nogs fight, I'm actually pretty stoked to see one of my favorite Pride fighters step up to face off against Mir.  For those of you who have followed my blog or twitter
I've never been timid about my feelings towards mr "Brock" obsessive. I've seen and met the guy in person, and the guy is a dbag to his fans (waving his hand calling next as if the people waiting in line for his autograph were cattle). 

With that said, I do know that Cro Cop better land a supreme leg kick early on or Mir will probably try to take this to the ground, where he is more rounded at.  Also coming off a streak of losses, I think Mir may be as hungry as ever to somehow make it back to his beloved Brock Lesnar. Regardless I'm routing for my Pride champ.  

For the rest of card, while I was more excited when I heard that little nog was in with the UFC, his last fight against Jason Brilz was a bit lackluster.  Lil Nog is a pretty well rounded fighter with ground game and a good standup as well, so I'm just routing for a good fight.  
Words have been flying around about the talent of Evan Dunham and as young as he is, I think he's also incredibly tough.  This fight against Sherk will be a great stepping stone one for him. 

My remaining picks include Serra (though I hate him too), Sherk, Stephens, Doerksen.

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