Dear Starbucks


Our studio really, really, REALLY loves your coffee.  We were considering making a fort for me to play in with all of these trays, but instead this is an open letter to see if we can possibly trade for more coffee noms?

With that said, I've had a coffee addiction problem for some time and after constant coffee hunts in the middle of the night, due to massive headaches, I've successfully transitioned to green tea for the time being. 

Bad things start happening when you drink more coffee than water, while I may say sometimes that coffee contains water so it's like 2 in 1, my body is telling me it doesn't quite work that way.  After months of somehow falling off the wagon, I'm on my way back to healthy street, starting with tea, more water and some yoga with sparing doses of crossfit. 

Coming up, a massive review on my trip to Toronto with yummy yummy photos.

the neglectful blogger

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