a Throwdown Weekend: Pacquiao vs Margarito

Once in a beautiful while when the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves turn golden, all the stars align and produce a magical sports weekend.

Beginning tomorrow is the Baltimore Atlanta game (NFL) and while many of you may be furrow browing at me thinking "who the hell cares about Baltimore?", well I DO when I'm making my little ol bets :D I've had quite the luck with them for the past few seasons and I live for the Ray Lewis dance.  ( a dance I do when I win at video games haha)

Football season is love, I mean the kind of love that parents marvel in when they spend Sundays at Chuck E Cheeses. While having NFL Sunday ticket on Sunday is enough to make for a glorious weekend the, pinnacle of epic'dom for this weekend is Saturday's UFC and Boxing events. UFC 122 featuring Marquardt vs Okami as the main event, has a pretty decent card and I'm all about free fight events on cable tv (watch on SPIKE).

While I'm among the many folks that believe that Manny Pacqiao may very well be the greatest boxer to grace the ring in the past few decades just based on his 7 titles in varying weight divisions alone, this weekend is about more than just another Pac-Man win.

For a bit of backstory, Antonio Margarito was caught cheating w/ hardened plaster on his gloves after losing to Shane Mosley, his wraps were also found with the same substance in his bout against Miguel Cotto.  During interviews, he's playing the innocent nice guy role, saying that he had no idea what was being done to his wraps.  I don't think there's a font big enough to express the biggest scoff when the world heard this.  In boxing a couple oz difference in the weight of the gloves can make a huge difference, so imagine a fist of hardened plaster!

If cheating wasn't bad enough, here's another item to add to Margarito's douchebaggery list.  Just this morning there were videos circulating the internet of Margarito and his team mimicking Freddie Roach's shaking condition from his Parkinson's Disease.  Since then all the videos have been pulled or made private but once found I'll re-post.  For now here's a longer footage w/ glimses of the actions in the background.

Saturday's fight is going to be an epic story of good guy vs bad guy! I just hope the typical storybook morale applies where good wins by Pac-Man punching Margarito in the throat stopping him from ever talking again.



I know i've been a naughty blogger that has been having all the fun and not writing about it.  Coming up is catching up on my Friday finds, a review on my favorite noms in Toronto and of course posting photos from L.A.  Let's hope this gets done before NYC :P

it's been a while since a sports post :(

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