Lanvin for H&M Mayhem

The last time I was up at 430am was because I stayed up like a robber working in the night, not because I had to leave the comfort of my warm bed to join the lines of crazies for of all things, fashion.   I am however a certified, bonafide and convicted fashion victom and if ever a designer could drag me to the depths of hell and back it would be the late Alexander McQueen and Alber Elbaz. 

I fell in love with Lanvin years ago when I purchased a beautiful red velvet bag with gold hard wear details, a delicate pin enclosure and deep brown leather trim.  I've carried it on all my trips and although people ask to marvel at it and question who it's by, my answer always garners a confused look followed by the words "who's Lanvin?" 
SO you can imagine my shock that all over north America people were camping out in the cold waiting for the Lanvin Loves H&M collection to be released.  Fortunately, although people in San Diego were savages once in the store, the line up began at 5am and not the night before.  I blame E-News and fashion blogs all over for the media press that this launch caused.  What's the saddest story I've heard thus far is that workers at H&M didn't get to purchase anything ahead of time, and had to wait till the first 350 people selected their items before the salespeople were allowed to.  T_T 

So YES it rained, YES it was cold, YES it was an utter SHIT SHOW, but let's get to the good stuff shall we? 
First off who doesn't love a goodie bag? People at San Diego Comicon will line up for hours for a crappy gift bag and H&M gives their first 350 people a canvas one w/ a fabu bow and to top it all off an adorable Lanvin scarf! Despite the fact that it's the hottest pink ever, I still love it. 
Richie (guy on the far right) is my partner in crime when it comes to doing something crazy and off the wall, so I'm forever grateful that he woke at the crack of dawn to join me in the mayhem.  We met some kickass people in line, who we got to talk snobbery on every life detail, from fashion to food to more fashion fails and food noms. It's rare to find people in San Diego that would appreciate my love for a shoe that has a mohawk... mmmm YSL.

I know I've said this about 18 times now, but words cannot describe the massive insanity that people underwent today in the name of fashion.  Despite all that, I came away with some great finds and here they are. 

THE GLASSES THE GLASSES! The similar glasses from Lanvin's regular line were almost $800 so I was shocked when I saw these for $20 and let me say they are insanely well made!  They're going on ebay for up to $200 and I can see why.  Supposedly the store only got about 5 of them, so my lucky butt was fortunate to see one hanging on a mannequin and snagged it.

These shirts were also on my MUST have shopping list. I absolutely adore Mr. Elbaz's illustrations and how he makes a T-Shirt completely fabu with tulle, bows and jewels.  A similar styled shirt (though w/ better materials i'm sure) on the Lanvin  e-store sells for about $400-$1500, so at $39.95 I nearly collapsed in joy.

I think the biggest thing when it comes to buying fashion, especially from a designer's diffusion line, is to pick items that define the fashion line's main style and collection.   Known for his impeccable drapery and detail, I knew that I would have to have either the dress or skirt and the jacket, for faux fur, just felt too fantastic not to pick up. 

Lastly was this floral crosbody clutch with Lanvin's signature ribbon on the chain detail and a gorgeous floral center piece.  Although it was only $50, I don't think I'm going to keep it, simply because i already own a bag from the main line and compared to the craftsmanship of everything else, this one didn't wow me.  
So there you have it, my gorgeous pieces that I was able to snag, I really do wish I had a chance to buy the red jewel draped necklace, leopard jeweled shoes and a dress but I'm lucky I got what I did.  

This was one of those things where even if the collection was Lanvin, if the quality wasn't there, I wouldn't have bought anything.  Compared to other designers who have done an affordable collection, Lanvin's was by far the best and the price points reflected that.  It definitely wasn't cheap fashion, but affordable for those who want to own a part of the line.  
I love Lanvin enough to know I'll probably be saving up and stopping by the Las Vegas store to buy something gorgeous, but for now I'll sleep in m faux fur coat that feels like heaven. 

cheers <3 

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