Reasons Behind an Awesomely Epic Weekend

ile the saying goes that bad things may happen in three's, when the stars align for a sports packed weekend, good things happen in epic proportions.  As if having a Sunday followed by a Monday of football wasn't enough, a sport's fairy somewhere decided it was time to bless sports fans everywhere with a weekend packed with amazing college games, NFL, boxing and UFC. 

These are the moments that had me screaming in uber joy!

1) Gus Johnson and the Jaguar's Hail Mary winning Touchdown Pass against the Texans.

The purest definition of a Hail Mary prayer answered! I've watched this pass a hojillion times now and each time I still yell WOW in disbelief.  For those that missed it, here it is for your play, rewind, play pleasure.

2) Pacquiao with a stellar victory vs the cheater Margarito
This weekend's match between Pacquiao  and Margarito was the storybook tale of good guy vs bad guy.  Despite fantastic editing by the folks over at 24-7 and Margarito's testimony, that he had no idea his wraps had plaster, I along with many others believe the man to be a cheater, case closed.

It was a technically beautiful fight w/ well executed counters, footwork and conditioning and although I knew the Pac-Man would win, it was still an edge of your seat kind of fight.  It makes me sad to think that if the Mayweather fight doesn't happen that this may be the last we see of Manny in the ring for quite sometime, but the congressman has bigger goals now.

3) Okami wins over Nate Marquardt UFC
I can't stress enough how seamlessly beautiful this weekend was, even down to timing.  Because the UFC event took place in Germany, fight fans got to enjoy an early dose of great fights to be followed by a night of boxing.  Despite the the favored odds towards Marquardt, I had my bets on Okami and w00t for an Asian fighter win, it doesn't happen too often.

4) Dolphins Win over Titans.
While definitely not as explosive as the previous 3, it was a nice warm fuzzy twinkle to the soul to see one of my teams having a good weekend and win :D

5) Good Ol Football!
While some of the morning games were quite a snore, as the day picked up so did the intensity of each game.  With the Bengals getting the onside kick in the 4th quarter, then turning over the ball and then getting sacked twice when they got the ball back, the last five minutes of this game was filled with OOOOOHs and whoaas! 
I had money on Kansas City, but of course the Broncos would come out from the depths of Hades to blow KC out of the water in an insanely high scoring game.  Which is a good thing for the Chargers, lets see if a bye week helped my boys to recover, reflect and become re-engaged to kick some football arse!
Moving on...I dislike the Jets I really do and even more so Mark Sanchez, but I've had enough cry blogs about our last playoff game (chargers vs jets) and how Sanchez gets praised for being "poised" b/c he so wonderfully hands off the ball.. everytime.  Everyone loves an overtime game, there's something about a tie scored game that makes every extra minute that much more intense.  So imagine how badly I would have loved for the Browns to win this last Sunday, but sadly no, 53 fg missed and the J E T S get to sing all the way home.  
I'm finally getting caught up w/ the horde of photos from trips, food and more so w00t to updates of all sorts, including my portfolio, linkedin, resume and things I've been putting on the backburner.

Cheers till next time.
<3 chow

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