The Do Want List


Despite my love for buying pretty things, there's nothing I hate more than car shopping, I think I've ended up buying a used car from a private seller my whole life due to this phobia and hate.  I've gone a few times, looked at the negotiation process, haggling, looking in different cities and different retailers and the whole process really just sucks.  It's not gratifying at all! 

Almost a decade back I was madly in love with two cars, the 240sx (still love the angled lights and sleek body) and the RX8, I was on the fence about buying a new car or a used car so I checked out a few dealerships.  I remember after looking at interest, numbers, fabric, pricing and options, all while dealing with a sales rep, I looked at him and said this experience sucks, I'm leaving.  I ended up buying a 240sx, loved it for about 4 years then sold it when she was dying, her name was Sydney.  Yes I name my cars.  

Now it's that time again when a new car is needed, something that doesn't scream, I'm a struggling college kid who has a car that sounds like a semi and has that weird perma paint stain that cars get after 10 years.  It would also be nice to drive something that gets more than 18mi / gallon. 

I spent the day w/ my g/f looking at different cars and although it was all about her finding a car, there were a few I liked.  Even though it was painless and if anything sometimes pleasant, I still had anxiety and hated car shopping. 

Last week I posted an ostentatious dream xmas list.  Here is my more down to earth list of cars that still hold a special place in my heart.  This doesn't mean that is Santa decided to drop a Tesla or 67 Fastback in my stockings, I'd be disappointed ;P  (no particular order)

S2K: I've loved this car for the past 10 years and would still love to own one and make it a hard top.  It's just for the price and etc. it's always seemed impractical and with my hate for car shopping, I never tried hard enough to find a good deal. 
RX8: yes despite the fact that this car gets about 14 mi to the gallon and isn't synonymous with the words practicality or reliability, there's always been something about this lady that I adored.  It was one of those cars that you can stick a crappy Civic EG engine in and I'd probably still drive it. 

MINI COOPER, I loved how this car handled and all the chic little amenities it has, but when I read the gas mileage it has for such a little body I was stunned.  I may as well drive a truck.  It's still the running, I like how comfortable it is to drive, but I'm not sure if the maintenance and etc is worth it. 

NISSAN JUKE: This is a new one on the list that just got added today while shopping w/ my g/f.  There's something incredibly alien and super asian about this car.  I adore the awkward body, trendy interior, modern design and the fact that it's manual b/c  I won't drive an automatic.  For a compact SUV it's priced pretty well and gets good gas mileage. 

BUT A BIG HUGE BUT, I'm not buying this car no matter what, it's the first of it's kind here and I never buy anything first off the line.  I always like to give it a few models to work out the bugs.  

FIAT ABARTH coming soon to the USA, another fresh off the line (for usa) that I'm wary about.  Priced at $15,500 it's incredibly compact and sporty.  I'll have to drive it and see, but my interest is definitely peaked.  

The other cars I want include me being incredibly ridiculous and restoring a vintage lady, or importing a car I've liked.  I can't stress enough how I hate this car buying process, so it may come to be that I end up buying a friend's car and just scratching this whole process.  We shall see what my temperamental soul can endure. 

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