Despite what the movie snobs are saying, this movie was FANTASTIC.  Just for the sheer magic of the artwork, costume design and soundtrack alone, it's worth seeing even in 2D.  I have this love hate relationship with 3D and perhaps it's the artist side of me that wants to see the whole picture that makes selective emphasis on certain elements, not sit well with me.

In design, film and photography I feel like the entire composition is what makes what you're looking at so fantastic, even when there's an item in focus.  I've watched quite a few movies in both 2D and 3D and I feel that in 3D you're forced to focus on the object protruding at you that you somewhat ignore and lose the details in the surrounding elements.

I urge those of you that have a couple nights to spare, try it, and see how the experience is different.  In fact take yourself out on a date and see how the movie going vibe is when you're alone . :) Prelude to an entirely different blog about my fantastic date night with myself..

Granted the indigo "Tron" effect has always been one of my favorites to implement anywhere I can, the movie's style was just so sleek, sexy and seductive.  At any given moment my eyes had something to marvel upon, while I was shoving my face with dill pickle seasoned popcorn.  Speaking of sexy, my savage popcorn devouring immediately came to a stop when I saw the white patent wedge heel step into the scene, and the camera panned up the body of  the absolutely stunning Gem "Beau Garret". 

Yes yes this whole movie was about Olivia Wilde and yes I agree she's gorgeous as well, but it has to take something magnificent to make me put down food and Gem did exactly that.  Suddenly the idea of calories, salt, eating well and flashes of insane workout sessions burst through my mind.  Needless to say I'm inspired.

Now on the to do list, 1) find a kick ass pair of wedge boots 2) Tron'ify myself so I can wear a patent jumpsuit to comicon :D

Merry Christmas my readers, I love you all, stay tuned for Holiday noms, travels and new years once again in Vegas. 

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