Dear Santa

I decided to write you an open letter on Christmas, instead of weeks prior, to thank you for quite a few things this season and share a few heartfelt thoughts.  I know you're probably in the biggest cookies and milk induced food coma, from pulling an all nighter, so I'll try to keep it short. 

Despite the lights, sounds and festivities of the holidays, I found myself floating through the season with a bit of a heavy heart.  What is it about Christmas that so easily fills us with immense glowing joy, yet at the same time brings about this reflective somber?  Perhaps because the buildup to such a momentous event happens so quickly and before you know it, the year and another chapter is almost closed.  I attended a beautiful ceremony last night reminding me about trust, faith and what Christmas is all about.  I watched my favorite holiday movie, Love Actually, and today, while Christmas may be half way through, I didn't want to let any more go by without saying Thank You. 

I'm thankful for a year of unexpected bumps that turned into blessings.

I'm thankful for the people that are in my life, family, friends and the occasional good Samaritan that was there with impeccable timing.

I'm Thankful for the health of myself and loved ones.

I'm Thankful for the chance to be doing what I love day to day

I'm Thankful for all the love that I sometimes forget to see.

I'm Thankful that even though for a moment I felt like I lost the holiday spirit, at random times, you help me find it. 

Merry Christmas and to everyone of you, here's my favorite holiday song. 
A Portuguese Love Theme.

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