ANQI Restaurant Review


Ask anyone who's ever had a broken heart and they'll tell you that along with a good cry, food is the best sort of company.  With bad always comes the good, so while I was unimpressed with JSIX, ANQI hit the spot after emotionally dealing w/ the loss of my Hockey team in Anaheim.  

To give you a little backstory, many years ago I was introduced to an amazing restaurant in the Bay area by the name of Crustacean. Since then I've developed a love affair with their garlic roasted crab and garlic noodles, which has driven me to frequently visit SF, LA and now Anaheim. 

ANQI is an extension of their collection of famous restaurants, but they have a different menu and their Garlic Roasted Crab is only available one day of the week.  I won't dive into how fabulous the garlic noodles are because they're well known and a given order, when attending any of An's restaurants. 

Here's a breakdown on each of the dishes we ordered. 

Hama HamaOyster Shooter - Shaved Jalapeno, Scallion, Tangerine Ponzu
Most people believe that once you've had one oyster shooter, you've had them all, but this my readers is an entirely different sensational beast.  You get the flavor of the fresh oyster, but the mild heat from the jalapeno, married with the kick of ponzu, just sends your tastebuds dancing.  
Hamachi - Sliced Jalapeno, Kiwi, Rasberry, White Ponzu
As an avid fish lover, I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe how delicate, refreshing and beautifully composed this dish is.  Yellowtail is one of my favorite fishes to have raw, and the pairing with tart fruits with the kick of heat from the Jalapeno, made this dish absolutely divine. 
Carpaccio with an Arugula salad.
I think this was one of my favorite dishes, the meat was incredibly fresh and the addition of edamame beans provided a great texture.  The best part was the roasted mushrooms, it added a warm savory touch to the chilled dish.  
 Clams with a dash of Vanilla
I loved the addition that Vanilla gave this dish, and the flavors were gentle yet absolutely savory.  The only thing I didn't enjoy were the few grapes that were in the dish.  The sweetness from the Vanilla, did not vibe well with the grapes for my taste.

Short rib over Sweet Potato Polenta
I'd like to start by saying I LOVE polenta in all forms and sorts.  As a cake, pan seared and etc. The minute you throw in sweet potato, life has suddenly become so much merrier and even more delicious. 

So yes, order the garlic noodles and if you happen to be there on a Tuesday order the roasted crab, but there are plenty of treasures on the menu for your palette to discover!  Other recommended items that I didn't photograph because I devoured to quickly included the Shaken Beef, Long Beans and Creme Brulee.  All delicious and all beautifully composed.  

Till next time I bid you good noms and be sure to check out more noms photos on my Twitter.

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