Saturday Night Noms for Thought


After a day visiting with family, and walking through the festivities on Bolsa ave, I'm back at the room watching CNN and footage of Egyptian protesters getting shot at with flares while walking through the streets. I always get in these modes where I look at my life in day, and try to marvel at the extremities to which someone else is experiencing at this very moment.

While media tunnels show us turmoil throughout the world all the time, and while a country is going through a political crisis, it's jarring to me that the Kardashians or Jersey Shore gets more ratings.

Has the sparkle from happy advertising and everyday luxuries turned us into thoughtless zombies that allow little things like bad reception or a little traffic to send us into an "end of the world" tantrum?

So while I'm laying in a warm comfy bed and things could be so much worst. I find myself envious of the young people out chanting and unwilling to go inside, not because of the romanticized idea of overthrowing government, but because these people are more passionate and have more fight in them than any of us ever will.

In all of this, a movie quote rings clear in my head, when V from V for Vendetta says "People should not fear their government, government should fear the people."

Between food noms, fashion noms, movie noms, sometimes it's good to reflect and have some thoughtful noms.

Happy weekend readers <3
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Diana Le

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