Happy New Year


To say that the past few weeks were busy, couldn't describe the mayhem that's been going on.

Despite last minute meetings, a busy work schedule and family visiting from out of town, at the last minute I managed to get almost everything together for Chinese/Vietnamese new year.

I spent the evening with my mom and grandparents, gifting them with New Year's treats and wishing them positive things for the New Year. We missed church but ill see my dad over the weekend and we'll head to the temples for various celebrations.

I managed to clean most of the house, shower, bathe Louis (my dog), put away nearly 2 baskets of laundry and by 11:58pm made the bed. I'm amazed how it all got done in time.

I put my usual tray of offers (fruits, candy, etc) outside, burned incense, thanked my blessings from the previous year and prayed for a continued blessed year for me and those I love.

Those that know me, know that I can be pretty neurotic in New Years preparations and festivities but this year I kept things easy going and simple.

The next few days will be filled with festivities, fire crackers, family and fun. Yes red pockets/envelopes too haha. Though I don't spend my lucky money, I keep it till the coming years for luck. It's time for bed and to wake up with positivity and celebration.

To my readers, good friends and all, I know this past year may have been a challenge but I wish you all the love, luck, health and prosperity for this coming year.

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Diana Le

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