Crossfit Diary Day 1


I want to die.  Figuratively speaking of course.  But I often hear stories of people discussing a type of pain where it was so bad, that they wished they were put out before experiencing it.  Usually these stories involve child birth, dental work or a kidney stone.  Ok maybe I'm exaggerating, or maybe it's due to the fact that my cardio is crap and I haven't intensively worked out in ages, but regardless I'm in pain.

I have this 10k mud run in June that is not just 6.5 miles of a gentle run or stride, but a full on military obstacle course that will require me to  climb a rope, tread in the mud, overcome a wall, jump through tires and etc.  So, the first thing that  came to mind.. "go hard or go home.." so going hard meant going to crossfit. My beginner class included sequential rounds of burpies, wall balls (throwing a medicine ball 8ft up and catching it), dead lifts, push ups, chest presses, rows and box jumps <<< (hate so much).  Each station was 60 sec and you get a minute rest after the round, which meant all stations were completed.  I swear it always reads so much easier than it is when actually jumping from a squat up to a box.

Ideally I'm hoping to get buff again and really not cry after each work out in pain.  Till then, stairs will be my enemy, ice baths will be my friend and in the back of my head i'll constantly hear "suck it up princess."

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