48 Hours

Someone once said to me "Lighten up. This world is serious enough and none of us make it out alive."  These words have always resonated with me anytime I've been caught in any sort of a cloudy muddle.  

We are constantly reminded, by almost every media outlet, that at any moment, any life could be lost.  Yet no amount of understanding or life experience ever makes losing someone, an easy thing to accept.  So much our lives are governed by consistency and routine, that once a piece of that overall puzzle is removed, no matter how large or small, we have to learn to configure our lives without that piece there.  

Just a few days ago, I found out that my Grandfather passed away on his vacation in Vietnam, when my grandparents were travelling back to visit family.  Within hours, we were packing and taking off on a 19 hour flight day (layovers/transfers etc).  

Today my grandfather was laid to rest and watching my mom say goodbye was probably the hardest part.  

In the past 48 hours, I've found myself in this juxtaposition between between what I know and things I'm quickly learning, in some instances one contrasting the other.    

Despite the debris, chaotic traffic and prevalent poverty, there's something quite beautiful about Vietnam, especially during sunrise.  

Many photos and updates on noms to come. <3 you all. 

xoxo Chow.

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