Korean Air - Love for Life


There are quite a few reasons as to why I dislike the flying portion of traveling. There's no fear of taking off in a giant metal contraption, but I hate the smell of airplanes, I'm always frustrated by how the seats don't recline enough, how peanuts or pretzels are the snack du jour and somehow karma has dictated that if I am to get a middle seat, I'm destined to be wedged between two giant people.  Which is why, I always fight tooth and nail to book a window seat ahead of time, even if the two people next to me hate me for climbing over them to go to the bathroom frequently.  The pleasantry of your layover is also at the mercy of which airport your connecting flight is at.

I'm finally homeward bound after a week or so in Vietnam with family, and while there are plenty of updates on food, scenes and learning experience, I wanted to do a quick blog update on Korean Air just because they are that amazing.

Aside from their comfortable and spacious seats, great on board entertainment and food, and incredible service, I'm most impressed with their off board services like the KAL Lounge.  Equipped with everything from showers, to rest areas, business services, food, open bar and more, they have everything to make you feel at home while away from home.

  Once you arrive in the lounge an attendant can provide you with clean towels and direct you to a clean shower room that is fully equipped with closets,  toiletries, shampoo and body wash.  I can't tell you how rejuvenating it is to be able to shower after an incredibly long night or long flight.

After cleaning up, I made my way to the snack area where the menu items provided included, various cereals with assorted nuts for toppings, pastries, pasta/corn or traditional salads, sliced fruit (pineapple, orange etc), grilled sausages, potato hash cakes, congee, and other snack items.

My breakfast of choice included a green tea muffin, sliced oranges/pineapples, sausage, potato hash cakes, a corn salad and iced green tea.

  In addition to a wide selection of fruit juices, water, fresh made coffees and teas, they also had an open bar of beer and other liquors.  It's about 9am in Korea and I flew at midnight from Vietnam, so I think i'll be leaving this bar alone.

It was tough saying bye to family, but I got to visit my Grandpa's house and have dinner there before leaving.   So with an hour left on this 5 hour layover, I'm doing a bit of updating, looking at photos, resting up and then it's off for another 12 hour plane ride.  I bid you all adieu for now, some amazing photos of Vietnam and noms on the way.

never flying united airlines ever again.


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