Closing Out May

Turning 30 this year was a bit harder than I thought it would be, especially since I've been saying I'm 30 since I was 25.  A big part of the anxiety wasn't necessarily aging or vanity, but mostly because changing decades made me look at my accomplishments with a magnifying glass.  Artistically, personally and etc, as most people do, I thought I would be further along.

Every year I usually celebrate all month long and while I tried ignoring this month's birthday, friends came together and threw me the most amazing surprise shindig.  There aren't enough stars in the sky to amount to the blessings I'm thankful for each day.

I've been told that I'm one of the most difficult people to shop for because if I want something, I'll get it on my own.  Despite being a brat, that shuns surprises and can be difficult to work with, my friends really showed me love this year.  I was finally able to give my work loaner iphone back, b/c the mr and pals chipped in to get me a new phone.  Between the flowers, my favorite Alexander McQueen tribute book from the Met Exhibit, a mirrored armoire, letters and thoughtful cards that sang, I was left speechless and stunned.

So as the month is coming to an end and I'm embracing the inevitability of aging, Fed Ex dropped off another surprise.  An ipod shuffle with a note reminding me to "keep my eye on the prize."  Despite resistance, a birth month was celebrated and it closes out with a reminder that good friends know me better than I think, I'm not that hard to surprise and it's time to get back to training hard.

Work was finished early today, so I'm kicking off the start of the weekend with a Moscow mule!  Hoo rah for tomorrow's UFC and have a fun and safe memorial day readers.

P.S watched Thor for a second time and now I'm running around yelling HAMMAH, HAMMAH and HEIMDALL OPEN THE BIFROST to everyone.


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