Dancing Shoes ON!

I spent a good portion of the 90s listening to bands like La Bouche, Fun Factory, Real McCoy, Aqua and all sorts of other euro-dance bands on my Shockwave walkman.  Well before I even knew what a rave was or that "techno" or "electronica" had about eighty different sub genres, DJ's still had vinyl and dance music was everywhere.

I have a pretty diverse taste in music, my playlists include everything from Led Zeppelin to Metallica, Nina Simone and yes.. even doses of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.  I have to say though, that dance music has a special place in my heart, probably because I have so many memories dancing the night away like a fool, to it.

Some songs like Snap's Rhythm is a Dancer  or Show Me Love by Robin S will always move my feet and will always be sampled from by modern day artists, because they have such an amazing beat.

My "design work" soundtrack changes with each week, last week it was Korean Pop and this week I'm back to dance.  I actually can't remember the last time a new dance song on the radio, made me want to jump on a desk and gyrate... until now.  

When I heard the Far East Movement's song "Fly Like a G6" I didn't pay that much attention to Dev's (their vocalist) voice.  I changed from my typical rock station lately to our pop/hip hop station and heard her song "Dancing in the Dark" and immediately fell in love.  

She has a great sound, the type of vocals that I used to adore listening to in trance/house and is incredibly versatile. So I know the hipsters are calling me an oldie for not knowing of her already, but regardless, I'll be dancing to her music at my desk, in the car, in front of the mirror and even in the kitchen, for quite a while.  

The nature of music, it's never all good, so these are on repeat: 
Dev- Killer

Dev- Dancing in the Dark

chill sketching song - Dev - Me

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